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Located south of Granadilla de Abona, it is the most rugged neighbourhood in the area and the way through up to Granadilla town. In the past there was only a road called Santa Cruz, which has now become an important commercial area, considered by many as one of the major commercial areas in the whole southern part of Tenerife.

The population in this town has recently grown, probably because it is set to become an area with great expectations in the region, due to significant factors such as the fact that it is located near the south highway, only five minutes from South Tenerife Airport, and approximately five kilometres from Médano beach and very near Granadilla Industrial Zone.

As required by the development of this promising neighbourhood, commercial activity in San Isidro is designed to satisfy the most demanding needs. There are many bars and restaurants, shops, supermarkets, banks and savings banks.

There is more than a dozen car dealers, hair dressers’, drugstores, hotels, jewellery stores, household appliance shops, fuel stations and video-clubs, amongst others, including basic health care services.

The visitor can get to San Isidro by TF-1 highway, just 56 km from Santa Cruz and 3 km from Queen Sophie airport ( South Tenerife). If you are coming from Médano or Granadilla, then you should take TF-6 highway and you can also take TF-645 from Atogo.

San Isidro is called by many as a “dormitory city”, because many people working in Los Cristianos-Las Américas tourist areas and others in the agriculture and construction business live here.


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